What Is The Best Dog Food? – Commercial, Organic, Natural, Raw or Home Cooked?

The best dog food may be commercial, natural, raw or home cooked. There are many philosophies which pet owners have reflecting their beliefs as to what foods are better for their pets. As a new pet owner it can be confusing.

There are:

  • Commercial-dry, frozen, and canned
  • Organic and natural-dry, frozen, and canned animal or human quality meats
  • Raw food diets-fresh or frozen
  • Home cooked meals
  • Vegetarian-dry and canned foods

Most of us feed our dogs and cats with commercial foods. We were indoctrinated by our parents, neighbors, and friends. There is nothing wrong with commercial dog foods. There are pets which survive on these foods and never experience any problems.

The difference occurs when we hear of recalls for tainted commercial pet foods or horror stories about animal food preparation. In my opinion, I think it is safe to say that most commercial food companies do consumers right, but. That word BUT will get you every time. russian food store

You may have read or heard nightmare stories which overpower your concerns for safe foods. Or, as happens to some pet owners, like me, commercially prepared food does not seem to have the essential food products or the necessary nutrients for my pet.

My dog did well for a few years on different commercial dry dog food brands until skin problems came to my attention with his constant itching and scratching. The skin problems, bad breath, and chronic ear infections prompted me to research which healthy food diets would correct or eliminate these health problems.

The search for foods which would repair health problems led me to investigate natural pet foods, raw food diets, supplements, and home cooked meals.

As I tried prescriptions from my vet, over the counter remedies, science diets, organic diets, natural, home cooked remedies and much more, it was decided my cocker spaniel does well with a combination of alternating raw and home cooked foods.

Home cooked foods or raw foods may be remedies for your dogs and cats to correct weakened immune systems. You will need to try different food products until you find the best dog food or cat food for your pet.

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