ACN Digital Video Phone/Donald Trump Endorses ACN, MLM,Direct – Selling Business Model

Since 2006, ACN has been endorsed by multi-billionaire and Celebrity Apprentice Executive Producer, Donald J. Trump. He has gone on to speak at several ACN International Training Events at which he has praised the company’s founders, direct-selling business model and digital video phone. A natural progression of this relationship was ACN’s appearance on Donald Trump’s Prime-time reality show The Celebrity Apprentice. This appearance was an opportunity for ACN like none other in MLM history because it gave national and international exposure to a company that does no media advertising with the sole purpose of saving it’s customers money. sell my business

Now that we have brought up saving money, let’s talk a little about how ACN is able to accomplish this huge undertaking. ACN is a long standing and respected member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). The DSA recently awarded ACN with a prestigious success award for “Reinvention”. This award came about with ACN creating a comprehensive set of new business tools for it’s sales force. ACN also created a TV channel on a corporate website which aided in the cultivation of the celebrity endorsement of Donald J. Trump. Because of Mr. Trump’ international notoriety this TV channel has become a valuable tool for all Independent representatives. The results of the three-year reinvention program are an increased sales force size, record setting growth and a dramatic increase in quarterly event attendance.

ACN’s direct selling business model is very simple and it is their competitive advantage. ACN by-passes all traditional forms of advertising (i.e. media advertising, telemarketing, mass mailing) and passes the savings on to the end consumer. Relationship marketing can be a powerful tool when used to save friends, family and acquaintances money on essential services they already use every day. As Donald Trump says ” Marketing is a powerful tool, and network marketing can increase that power, provided you are self-motivated.


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